April Events for Youth: Learning to Value Zoocracy

3D Tabby King croppedReading and Thoughtful Discussion 

Date:       April 27, 2019
Time:      1:00-3:00 p.m.
Age:        Late youth to near adult
Fee:         Free of charge
Snacks:   Provided courtesy of PurrBoy Café
Leader:   Yoshita Tigru

DESCRIPTION: Animals who were born into a functioning zoocracy may not know much about other forms of government. Through thoughtful discussion, biographer Yoshita Tigru will lead Park youth to an understanding of the differences among political systems and the value and importance of Animal self-rule.

Park Museum plans travelling exhibition to honour Zoocracy 35

zoocracy-35The Board of Governors of The Park Museum is pleased to announce a new travelling exhibition in honour of the thirty-fifth anniversary of zoocracy.

The travelling exhibition will display relevant samples of the museum’s holdings on a number of themes and will make several tours of The Park until the end of the year.

The exhibition will embark on its first tour in April. It will make stops in the commercial district, restaurant row, and the residential areas of The Park before stopping for a week outside each of the Park Cinema, The Burrow Theatre, the Park Repertory Theatre, the New Harmony Theatre, and the Howler Comedy Club.

The Board of Governors of The Park Museum wishes to thank the Founding Families Financial Corporation for its generous support of the Zoocracy 35 Travelling Exhibition.

Museum to host pop-up exhibit in honour of POPS elections: Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt

beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt-for-park-museumIn celebration of this year’s POPS election season, The Board of Governors of The Park Museum is pleased to announce its first pop-up exhibition, “Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt.”

This multimedia exhibit will honour the POPS election process as well as this year’s unconventional campaign.

The exhibit will showcase material related to the 2003 decision by Mr. Justice Augustus Dindon to open the position of POPS to elections. It will also feature memorabilia from past campaigns, including posters, flyers, buttons, newspaper interviews, television and radio interviews and recorded speeches.

“Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt” will run from 31 October until 17 November 2016.

The Park Museum welcomes Holstein Fashion’s EDAM Collection

Dog in tophatBurro in winter clothingPenguin in dressThe Board of Governors of The Park Museum is pleased to announce its association with Holstein Fashion in an upcoming exhibition.

The new exhibition will shine a light on the plight of those who experience enforced domestication. Dorika Pumi, head curator of The Park Museum’s art gallery, will work closely with Holstein Fashion and Designs by Holstein to present Creations from the EDAM Collection.

The designs of the EDAM Collection were created exclusively for The Park’s Enforced Domestication Awareness Month. The Park Museum’s exhibition will show these creations in a unique context. The designs will be showcased with written commentary and experts in the field of enforced domestication, extinction anxiety, and interspecial relations will conduct seminars and Q & A sessions during the exhibition.

Creations from the EDAM Collection will open on August 1, 2016.

Varrian Calendar to reside permanently in Park Museum


The Board of Governors is pleased to announce The Park Museum’s acquisition of the last printed copy of the Varrian Calendar.

In a statement released today, The Board of Governors confirmed that the calendar, which is The Park’s original calendar, will form the centrepiece of an exhibit that is, tentatively, entitled “Eventualities and Artifacts.”

“The exhibit will trace the beginnings of zoocracy in The Park through an exhibition of artifacts, that is, concrete representations of the change from a more natural order to an artificially organized one. The Varrian Calendar will represent Park Animals’ attempts to delineate time and, eventually, to harness it,” the statement said.