Agreement reached with Institute for the Study of Mammalian Life over custody of beloved tome

The Board of Governors of The Park Museum is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached for the establishment of a permanent home for The AutoZOËography of ZoëCat.

We are happy to report that both The Park Museum and the Institute for the Study of Mammalian Life (ISML) have agreed to act as joint official custodians of The AutoZOËography of ZoëCat, one of the most important works in Park history.

This agreement, upon which the signatures of officials from both institutions will be set the week of August 17, 2015, will enable the care in perpetuity of this precious tome.

Further details of the agreement will be posted on this web site in the near future.

All parties are pleased with this agreement and we plan to move forward with the logistics as soon as possible.